BCRC 2023 Western Regional Directors Recommendations

Mental Health Matters

  • The BC Regional Council continue to host and promote mental health awareness and support training courses for local unions and union officials and encourage broad attendance;
  • Encourage all Bargaining Committees to work on changing or creating contract language with the aim of supporting members suffering from illness and addiction toward a culture of empathy and true solidarity instead of fear;
  • Encourage all local unions in British Columbia to review of workplace first aid kits in conjunction with our safety department to ensure the appropriate emergency overdose kits are available as applicable and to ensure training on the use of these kits; and
  • Remind locals that all fatalities, critical injuries and work refusals that involve a government inspector must shared with the National Union’s Health Safety and Environmental Department via your National Representative so that we can assist in a timely manner and track incidents appropriately.

Air Transportation Workers’ Charter of Rights

  • That the BCRC support the initiative of Unifor's national aviation council to organize a national day of action to support the rights and working conditions of air transportation and promote the Air Transportation Workers' Rights.
  • That all BC local unions publicize the Air Transportation Workers’ Charter of Rights within their membership and call for action to support its implementation by:
  1. Sharing the website and key demands with all members using local communication channels: https://www.unifor.org/airtransportcharter
  2. Writing to the federal Minister of Transportation and local Members of Parliament denouncing the previously announced and inadequate Passenger Bill of Rights and also demanding urgent action toward an Air Transportation Workers’ Charter of Rights.
  • That BCRC support the Air Transportation Workers' Charter of rights by working with the national union and the aviation council to build a long-term vision for the airlines sector, including better working conditions in airports and in all aviation workplaces, creating secure and stable employment, and improving travel experiences for everyone.

Defending a Progressive British Columbia

That the BC Regional Council begin mobilizing on the ground and with other organizations and unions in solidarity where practical and begin planning and executing a significant “boots on the ground” campaign and take other measures as needed in order to be ready to make a real difference and re-elect Premier David Eby and the BC NDP when an election is called in 2024.

Confronting the Housing Crisis

  1. BC Regional Council will support the national union’s efforts to build a Unifor position on housing, including developing a comprehensive housing policy, with support and input from leadership, staff and local unions.
  2. All BC Locals identify regional and local partners already engaged in the fight for affordable housing and housing justice, in order to build partnerships and identify opportunities to engage on the issue as a union.
  3. All BC locals identify opportunities to advance the fight for housing justice through a variety of means, including but not limited to collective bargaining, direct action, sharing resources with housing justice advocates and groups, fundraising, community organizing, political lobbying and electoral engagement.
  4. All BC locals commit to participating in the fight for affordable housing and housing justice while employing an equity lens at every level, since the fight for housing justice is also the fight for social justice and Reconciliation.

Celebrating Labour Day and International Workers’ Day

  1. That the BC Regional Council continue to support a large event for members at the PNE in 2024 while helping other regions plan and organize new or expanded events where possible.
  2. That the BC Regional Council work with local unions to provide information about May 1 and why it is important to workers each year and help locals organize or join events held on this day.
  3. That all locals be encouraged to order 10th anniversary shirts and other items to identify our union and its important work.

Provincial Lobby on Workers’ Rights

That the BC Regional Council plan and execute a large lobby and other sectoral meetings with the provincial government in 2024 focusing on issues of importance to our members and on more workers gaining access to meaningful collective bargaining.

Supporting MMIWG2S Families

That the BC Regional Council demonstrate its support for MMIWG2S families by:

  • Encouraging participation of Local Unions and members in the days of action on February 14 (Women’s Memorial March) May 5 (Red Dress Day, a day of awareness to end violence against Indigenous women, girls, two spirit and gender diverse people), and October 4 (National Day of Action for MMIWG2S);
  • Working with the National Union to support initiatives that raise awareness of, and educates our membership on, the grim realities faced by so many Indigenous Women and Girls and Two-Spirit Persons and their families;
  • Making a further $10,000 donation to the Tears of Hope society to support the families of MMIWG2S families;
  • Asking its members to commit to learning about Call to Action #41 found in the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the 231 Calls for Justice, contained in the final report “Reclaiming Power and Place”, of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and Girls.

Federal Anti-Scab Legislation Now

  1. That Unifor BC locals urgently write to the federal Minister of Labour and each British Columbia Member of Parliament demanding the tabling and passing of effective anti-scab legislation now at the federal level and that it not only be enacted, but operative by the end of 2023.
  2. That Unifor BC locals demand that all anti-scab legislation should prohibit employers from using replacement workers for the duration of any legal strike or lockout, including external scabs and internal scabs (including managers), and;
  3. That Unifor Locals will contact their members and supporters to the Unifor anti-scab campaign and petition page: (https://www.unifor.org/campaigns/all-campaigns/anti-scab-legislation-now)