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June 20 - 9:00 AM EDT
In an historic vote that was years in the making, 245 salmon seine boat fish harvesters on Canada’s west coast who fish for the Canadian Fishing...
June 19 - 1:45 PM EDT
Unifor representatives from energy locals in Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia met in...
June 19 - 8:45 AM EDT
Unifor Media Council Secretary-Treasurer Jennifer Moreau has been elected to both the Executive Committee of the International Federation...
June 18 - 12:15 PM EDT
Every single day in Winnipeg, the police receive more than 44 calls about domestic violence. The province has the second highest rate of domestic...
June 13 - 11:15 AM EDT
With bargaining stalled at seven crown corporations in Saskatchewan, Unifor has launched a new, highly visible campaign in Regina and Saskatoon.
June 13 - 9:45 AM EDT
Unifor leadership and members hosted a rally and BBQ at Tandus Carpets in Truro on June 7 to support the more than 200 members who will lose their job