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June 21 - 3:30 PM EDT
More than 2,000 delegates will gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Aug. 30 to Sept.
June 4 - 12:45 PM EDT
Unifor will be a union built for workers. But it will also be a union for the unemployed and self-employed, a union for women and young workers...
May 31 - 3:45 PM EDT
We will be a union for workers, a union for the unemployed, a union for women, a union for new Canadians, a union for young workers and the precarious
May 30 - 4:45 PM EDT
“Today, we are proud to introduce our new union as Unifor, a union that will fight for working people in every sector of the economy and in every comm
May 27 - 1:45 PM EDT
This poster was developed to advertise the May 30th Launch and encourage members to tune in to see the results live.
May 17 - 1:00 PM EDT
Find out soon! The new name and logo will be unveiled on May 30 at 11 a.m. ET in Toronto. Make sure to tune it via the livestream.