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August 15 - 2:30 PM EDT
Unifor Founding Convention Speaker Biographies
August 14 - 3:30 PM EDT
Check out our list of great guest speakers like best-selling author and activist Naomi Klein, Canadian actress and comedian Mary Walsh and many others
August 12 - 3:00 PM EDT
Follow the discussion and debate from the convention floor on Unifor’s new organizing policy, strategic vision...
August 9 - 4:30 PM EDT
With the Unifor Founding Convention only weeks away, the CAW and CEP have created a Unity Team that is being proposed to lead the new Canadian union.
August 7 - 10:45 AM EDT
To celebrate the launch of Unifor this Labour Day weekend, the union is hosting a free public concert at Nathan Philips Square ...
June 21 - 3:30 PM EDT
More than 2,000 delegates will gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Aug. 30 to Sept.