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Mexican worker demands for the renegotiation of NAFTA

Twenty-four years of NAFTA has resulted in an economic and social disaster for Mexico. Far from what President Trump asserts, Mexico has had the worst of the deal. Apart from the disastrous situation in rural areas and massive migration, NAFTA has brought real regression in all labour standards, unemployment, increased the amount of precarious work and has led to a loss of rights.

All the promises made to Mexican workers have not been realized. We were promised better jobs and wages, but today we have worse jobs and the lowest wages in the continent. This is why Mexico’s authentic trade unions are demanding all governments take steps to reverse these trends, as part of the NAFTA renegotiation.
Economic integration cannot be driven by deplorable labour conditions in one country. Any effort to ensure fair and equitable economic development means focusing our collective attention on those who have the least, and have lost the most. This should be the starting point for a truly progressive model of globalization.