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Mental Health Matters

A Resource Book for Union Representatives and Local Unions.

Acoustic audit-immission report

Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (“HGC Engineering”) was retained by Union Building Corporation of Canada to complete an acoustic immission audit of the Unifor Wind Turbine (“Wind Project”). The Wind Project includes one Enercon wind turbine generator, operating in a 300 kW reduced mode. HGC Engineering has assessed the acoustic impact against the acoustic criteria of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) in accordance with the requirements of the MOECC’s 2017 Compliance Protocol for Wind Turbine Noise – Guidelines for Acoustic Assessment and Measurement (“Compliance Protocol”). The immission audit was completed between March 5 and May 24, 2018. The sound level measurements and analysis, as performed in accordance with the Compliance Protocol, indicate that the Wind Project is operating in compliance of the applicable sound level criteria at all selected monitoring locations. Details of the measurements and analysis are provided herein.

Local Union Mentoring Program Guide

This is a guide to establishing a mentoring program in your local union

Local Union Mentoring Program Application

Mentees can use this application form to sign up for their local Mentoring Program.

Water, rights and the pursuit of reconciliation resource

This educational resources outlines the struggle for water that Indigenous communities face and how access to water is a necessary part of reconciliation in Canada.

Unifor Wind Turbine Immission Report

Unifor has published online the results of ongoing acoustic measurements of its wind turbine near Port Elgin, Ontario. Results to-date suggest that, with some exceptions, the turbine’s acoustic performance is within Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) guidelines.

Highschool Outreach posters

Highschool Outreach posters

Paid Education Leave (PEL) model language

This is language that can be added to collective agreements once PEL has been negotiated...

Paid Education Leave (PEL) bargaining tips

Our Paid Education Leave programs give leadership and members the skills we need to build stronger local unions...

Representing Workers: A Guide for Stewards, Committeepeople, Workplace and Local Union Representatives (large file)

Workplace representatives – stewards – are the frontline of our new union. The strength of Unifor depends on you, and others like you, who have stepped up and are willing to represent workers and build safer, fairer workplaces and stronger communities.