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Our Telecoms, Our Jobs

Protect good jobs in telecommunications, right here in Canada.

Did you know that telecommunications companies in Canada routinely use call centers, technical support, and engineers based overseas?

The road is our workplace

The Road is Our Workplace is a campaign for safe parking places for long haul and regional drivers to check loads and rest.

Ontario needs universal child care

Ontario is the only jurisdiction that hasn't signed. We are demanding Premier Doug Ford and his ministers step up and sign the deal for affordable, accessible, quality child care.

Tell the Furey government #DontSellNL

‘The Big Reset’ would sell away valuable assets owned by the citizens, sell off vital public services to be run at a profit by private corporations.

People Vs. Ford

Every single MPP needs to know that voters like you hold them resposible for their support of this dangerous and slippery slope.

Paid Sick Days for B.C. Now!

We have entered the final critical push to get paid sick leave in B.C.—during the pandemic and permanently.