The Road Is Our Workplace

The Road is Our Workplace is a campaign for safe services and parking places for long haul and regional drivers (eg. couriers) to check their loads and rest.

Alberta Fightback

Learn more about the radical changes to workers' rights in Alberta.

Canada's Energy Future

Canada must create new jobs in emerging energy technology while ensuring that we maintain good jobs in oil and gas. We can have the best of both worlds.

End the Blood Ban

Despite facing a persistent shortage, Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Quebec persist in discriminatory practices, especially targeting men who have sex with men. The ban applies to all blood and tissue donations, including post-COVID plasma, and has now been expanded to include trans women without gender-affirming surgery. These policies, driven by stigma, contradict Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's commitment in 2015 to lift the ban. Unifor advocates for challenging these discriminatory practices, highlighting the importance of policies based on high-risk behaviors rather than individual characteristics. Let's unite in demanding a blood donation system that is fair and inclusive.

As Safe As Our Cargo

Public safety, and the safety of armoured car employees, is increasingly jeopardized by the lack of comprehensive industry regulation.