Area Courses

The National Education Department offers 1 (one) and 3 (three) day courses in communities across the country. All courses are facilitated by other trained Unifor members, DL's (Discussion Leaders). 

These classes are designed specifically to bring education opportunities to members close to where they live and work, right in their communities. This makes it easier for members to attend and reduces costs for local unions.

Fall 2021

Unifor is cautiously offering in person classes across the country in October & November of 2021. Each province will adhere to local COVID-19 Health Mandates and reduced class sizes.

In October and November of 2021, the union is offering ‘in person’ courses, in the provinces we are able to by Local Union Request (LUR).  Contact info: @email


See all Area School Courses.  

Vaccination Policy 

All members must be fully vaccinated to participate in in-person courses. 
All future events, courses, meetings and other activities organized by Unifor National and Unifor Regional Councils will require participants to provide proof of full vaccination prior to arriving on site. This applies to Canada and Regional Councils, area courses and Paid Education Leave courses delivered in Port Elgin, presence in national and regional Unifor offices, bargaining meetings, solidarity actions and any other events organized by Unifor.

Please see the statement from Unifor’s National Executive Board for further information.