Right to Disconnect - Sample Language


Article XX.X

Right to Disconnect 

X.1 While digital tools allow employees the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time, an always-connected work culture carries important psychosocial risks, including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, and burnout. 

X.2 The employer therefore recognizes that employees have a right to disconnect from work and are under no obligation to answer phone calls, emails, or messages outside normal working hours as defined by the terms of this agreement. They shall not be reprimanded, subjected to discipline, or denied the rights and privileges provided them under this collective agreement, for failing to do so. Conversely, the employer shall not afford employees’ beneficial treatment for choosing to stay connected. 

X.3 A Company-Union working group shall be struck and will conduct an initial analysis of the current use of digital tools for bargaining unit employees. Further, the working group shall develop indicators to track the implementation of this policy and to reduce harmful behaviors. 

X.4 The Company-Union working group shall be comprised of an equal number of employer and union representatives. The working group shall meet regularly, but not less than once per year.

X.5 All employees shall be informed and engaged prior to and during the further development of a right to disconnect policy, as well as during the implementation and review stages. All employees shall also receive training on the proper use of digital tools. Such training, when required, shall take place during regular work hours.

X.6 The Company-Union working group shall review implementation of the policy as well as jointly discuss and implement solutions to identified challenges.  The employer will also remind employees, regularly, of the proper use of digital tools and to encourage behavior consistent with the policy.