Alberta - Winter/Spring 2024 Area School Schedule

To Register: @email


Course Offered



April 23-25


Registration Deadline: April 2

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership (AGHWL3)


May 14-16


Registration Deadline: April 23

Health & Safety: Beyond the Basics (AHS3)


June 4-6


Registration Deadline: May 14

Collective Bargaining (ACB3)



March 18


Registration Deadline: February 26

Getting to Know Your Union (AUNION1)


March 19-21


Registration Deadline: February 27

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership (AGHWL3)


April 15


Registration Deadline: March 25

Bullying in the Workplace: An Occupational Hazard (ABWP1)


April 16-18


Registration Deadline: March 26

Health & Safety: Beyond the Basics (AHS3)


May 7-9


Registration Deadline: April 16

Local Executive Board Training (ALUEB3)


May 21-23


Registration Deadline: April 30

Collective Bargaining (ACB3)


Course Times: 

All courses commence at 8:30 am and end at 4:30 pm unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the course. Participants must attend all days of the course. 

50/50 Reimbursement Guidelines for Area Schools: 

Locals, please read the 2024 Reimbursement Guidelines for Area Schools which can be found on our website: 

Before you register a member, please read through the guidelines to make sure that you know what will be reimbursed by Unifor Education and what will not be. 


To register a member for a course, send an email to @email (Subject Line: Course Name, Course Date, Course Location) with the following information (members cannot be registered if partial information is provided): 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email (Individual and unique email mandatory for each member)

  • Local Number

  • City

  • Province

  • Mobile Phone

3 weeks prior to the scheduled course date, the local and the enrolled member/s will receive a confirmation email. This email will confirm the course location, and will include any other information they may need. 

We require a minimum of 15 participants to run a course.  In order to maintain a manageable class size, once 24 participants have registered for a course, we will consider it full. The education website will be updated often to reflect any schedule changes.


Cancellations can occur if we do not have sufficient participants. Locals and registered participants will be contacted 3 weeks in advance of the course date. 

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.  Please check our website for the most up to date information and course descriptions at