Unifor's National Education Department offers an extensive year-round labour education programme across the country, in Port Elgin, Ontario at our Family Education Centre and Online.

Our programs: Area Schools are 1, 2 and 3-day courses offered in your home community. PEL courses are 40 hours in length, running from Sunday to Friday at our Family Education Centre. We also offer two types of online based learning, one in-person with a live Discussion Leader (1, 2, and 3-day) and the second are self-paced mini modules (approx. 90 minutes) that are considered introductions to various subjects.


 Area Schools


The Education Department offers one, two, and three day courses. These courses can be taken in-person in your own community or live online. All courses are facilitated by trained Unifor members (Discussion Leaders or "DLs").  

Area Courses are either run at the request of locals (Local Union Request - LUR) on a first come first serve basis or pre-scheduled by the National on a rotating basis in each region or online. Please contact us to set up your class or chat about details (see details below).

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Family Education Program


Summer program that is offered for 2-weeks in 2024 (1 week in July, 1 week in August), at the Family Education Centre (FEC) in Port Elgin, Ontario.

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Paid Education Leave-PEL


One week residential program, taking place in Port Elgin Ontario. All courses are 40 hours in length, running from Sunday to Friday.

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Fall/Winter 2024 PEL Schedule

4 Week PEL Program  

Online Self-Directed Modules


Unifor offers a number of online self-directed learning modules that allow members to get a taste of various subjects on their own time. These online modules can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, they are self-paced so you can take as long as you need.

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Webinars are organized on various subjects on an irregular schedule, in collaboration with different Unifor National Departments. Available via Zoom.

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Unifor Family Education Centre Welcome Sign

Family Education Centre (FEC)

An ideal retreat destination and conference facility for any occasion.

Now for more than sixty years, the FEC is a place where Unifor members come together to build lasting friendships, develop our confidence and leadership skills to take action in the workplace, and learn about how we can build stronger unions and more inclusive communities.

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