Ontario Regional Council

ORC executive takes the oath of office

About Regional Councils

Regional Councils meet at least once a year, with every local eligible to send delegates to discuss and debate important issues in their regions such as provincial labour laws and policies, and regional economic and social concerns. Regional and Quebec Councils will also spearhead various campaigns and activities.

The councils are funded by a per capita share levy to each of the member locals.

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Ontario Regional Council Bylaws

Ontario Regional Council Executive Board

Chair: Shinade Allder, Local 6005

Vice-Chair: Brian Chapman, Local 27

Secretary-Treasurer: Balkar Bains, Local 4457

Members at Large: Marc Brennan, Local 707; Jordan Lennox, Local 199; Debbie Montgomery, Local 4268; Corey Dalton, Local 1090; Cindy Hasler, Local 504; Carleen Finch, Local 87-M; Dana-Anne James, Local 6006; Alicia Rivera, Local 1106

Committees were elected by the entire Council meeting.

EI/CPP: Stephan Cronin, Local 88; Dwayne Gunness, Local 40; Dan Cushenan, Local 504

Health & Safety and Environment: Brian Lowery, Local 1996-O; Paul McKee, Local 4268; Bonnie Nantais, Local 195

Political Action Committee: Melissa Holden, Local 636; Donovan Nezbeth, Local 26; Anees Munshi, Local 2002

Employee and Family Assistance Program Committee: Yolanda Cornwall, Local 2002; Mike Kemp, Local 200; Paulo Duarte, Local 26; Jessica Ridgwell, Local 1285

Workers' Compensation Committee:  Mike Kisch, Local 2458; Rob Gallace, Local 88; Ashok Venkatarangam, Local 100

The Council’s five equity-seeking committees were elected at caucus meetings of their peers.

Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour: Dina Roushanroz, Local 2458; Carrie Moffitt, Local 229; Donovan Nezbeth, Local 26

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender: Dana Dunphy, Local 444; Deanne Smith Local 25; Denise Keefe, Local 222

Women’s Committee: Sarah-Kai Antanaitis, Local 5555; Emily Coulter, Local 1106; Melissa Wood, Local 598

Workers with Disabilities: Melanie Forget, Local 5025; Andrea Henry, Local 112; Jackie McIntosh, Local 79-M

Young Worker’s Committee: James Chilcott, Local 88; Angelyn Francis, Local 87-M; Heather Lenson, Local 200