B.C. Council

About Regional Councils

Unifor’s Regional Councils and the Quebec Council are a democratic force for union activism, solidarity, and strength. They are forums of accountability and organizing centres that involve and engage local union activists in the life of the union.

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BC Council Executive

Chair: Leanne Marsh, Local 2200

Vice-Chair: James Monks, Local 433

Secretary-Treasurer: Bill Gaucher, Local 114

Members at Large: Paramjit Birak (Local 3000), Krista Lee Hanson (Local 111), Cliff Madsen (Local 2301), Brenda Mason (Local 780-G)

BC Council Standing Committees

Political Action: Shanna Abonitalla (Local 3000), Jim Sadlemyer (Local 114), Robby Sidhu (Local 111)

Health, Safety & Environment: Sandra Kucheran (Local 114), Heather Segerius (Local 10-B), Marc Young (Local 2301)

Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual,Transgender: Tanya Bourque (114), Katherine Phillips (10-B), Dustin Dill (4276)

Aboriginal & Workers of Colour: Hopeton Hague (Local 1997), Margaret Olal (Local 3000), Jessie Rana (Local 111)

Workers with Disabilities:Greg Duff (Local 433), Gord McGrath (Local 114), Bryan Van Lissum (Local 433)

Women’s: Marlena Silveira (Local 2300), Tasneem Razvi (Local 830-M), Barbie Zipp (Local 114)

Young Worker’s: Philip Conroy (Local 10-B),  Mordecai Edmonstone (Local 333-BC), Justin Singh (Local 780-G)

EFAP/ Addictions: Alex Charles (Local 780-G), Ed Lafleur (Local 114), Ron Mill (Local 3000)