World Toilet Day Statement 2023

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Ten people standing and linking arms. All wearing red shirts saying “World Toilet Day”.

On 2023 World Toilet Day, Unifor stands in solidarity with the global movement to address the critical issue of sanitation, emphasizing the importance of safe and inclusive washroom facilities for all, particularly for women and 2SLGBTQI+ members. 

During the broad membership consultation for the 2023–2026 Unifor collective bargaining program, members identified access to safe and clean washroom facilities as an important health and safety right that must be upheld and negotiated into collective agreements. Harassment and abuse targeted at the 2SLGBTQI+ community must not be tolerated.

Safe and clean washrooms are not just about physical safety; they symbolize our belief in dignity, respect, and equality for every individual, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

As part of a global trade union movement, Unifor amplifies the United Nations’ objectives for World Toilet Day, including Sustainable Development Goal 6: safe toilets and water for all by 2030.

Sadly, the world is woefully behind in meeting it’s collective sanitation objectives. The UN estimates that in 2030, three billion people will still be living without safe toilets, two billion will be without safe drinking water and 1.4 billion will lack basic hygiene facilities.

Access to safe and inclusive sanitation facilities is a fundamental human right. Unifor is committed to ensuring that this right is upheld, and that workplaces reflect diversity and inclusion.