Unifor’s Lana Payne to Minister Alghabra: Listen to workers to fix airport delays

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TORONTO- Unifor National President Lana Payne wrote to Minister Alghabra today to offer clear solutions to the issues plaguing Canada’s airports with cancellations and delays.

“Aviation workers are listening intently to government, and so far the Minister has not shared an accurate description of the problem or common sense solutions. Aviation employers have cut jobs and continue to drive down wages in the industry, and it’s up to the federal government to change the rules to protect workers and travelers,” said Payne.

In the letter, sent on Thursday September 1, 2022, Payne shared solutions to the staffing crisis that can be immediately implemented by the federal government. These solutions range from implementing a living wage at Canada’s airports to preventing harassment of workers and reversing the trend of employers’ use of the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program to drive down wages and working conditions.

Payne urged the government to take a more hands-on approach to guiding the industry, including implementing penalties to deter bad behaviour, so that workers and customers can begin to have their needs met.

“Government must step in and create the rules and guidelines by which airlines, airports, traffic control organizations and support entities are required to operate in order to perpetuate a virtuous cycle of thriving workers, profitable companies and satisfied travelers.”

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