Unifor urges Senate to pass anti-scab bill and government to implement it without delay

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Unifor flags in front of Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

OTTAWA—Unifor applauds Members of Parliament for unanimously passing the amended Bill C-58, otherwise known as anti-scab legislation, today, but now urges the Senate to approve so the law can be implemented as soon as possible.

“This legislation is about protecting the right to fair and free collective bargaining, including the right to strike,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Workers have fought for generations to get to this day, but there is still a final step.”

“C-58 modernizes Canada’s labour relations system to reflect the current social and economic context of this country, where increased corporate power and wealth requires an effective counter-balance. We call on the Senate to pass C-58 as soon as possible and put it to work without delay,” Payne added.

Bill C-58: An Act To Amend The Canada Labour Code would restrict federally-regulated employers, including airlines, banks, and telecom companies from using scab labour during strikes or lock-outs or face fines of $100,000 a day.

Unifor has long been advocating for anti-scab legislation in every jurisdiction across Canada in hopes every worker’s Constitutional right to free and fair collective bargaining will be upheld. Federally, Bill C-58 will reduce the frequency and duration of labour disputes, restore balance in collective bargaining and create safer and less acrimonious picket lines.

It passed second reading in the House of Commons with all-party support on Feb. 27, 2024.

Quebec and British Columbia both have provincial anti-scab legislation to prevent employers from undermining the entire collective bargaining process.

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