Unifor Statement on National Indigenous History Month 2024

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June marks National Indigenous History Month, a time to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, art, and music of Indigenous peoples. This month is an opportunity to honour the resilience, achievements, and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities, and to reflect on the importance of their traditions and heritage.

With the election of Canada’s first First Nations premier, Wab Kinew, there is lots to celebrate.

Throughout June, Unifor encourages members to actively engage with local Indigenous culture and history. Attend local events, support Indigenous artists, and participate in community celebrations. Promoting and participating in these activities not only fosters understanding and respect but also strengthens the bonds between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Reflecting on the lands occupied and the history they hold is a vital part of reconciliation. In June 2023, Unifor celebrated National Indigenous History Month by sharing resources for improving territorial acknowledgement practices at local union events and meetings. 

Territorial acknowledgements are more than formalities—they are acts of recognition and respect for the enduring relationship between Indigenous peoples and their lands. Members are urged to consider their own practices of territorial acknowledgment and engage with local Indigenous communities.

Meaningful engagement goes beyond acknowledgment. It involves dialogue and building relationships, learning about the history and current realities of Indigenous peoples, and supporting their efforts for cultural recognition and preservation.

Coming up on June 21, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Unifor will be hosting a webinar discussing the diversity of Indigenous communities and traditions in the union context. The session will explore the practice of Indigenous performances at events and how to appropriately receive them as a host.

Unifor remains steadfast in its commitment to ongoing reflection, learning, and action. This June, celebrate the past, present, and future of Indigenous peoples in Canada and help work towards a shared path of reconciliation and respect.