Unifor signifies Emancipation Day with new poster and fan

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August 1, a raised fist with chans, Emancipation Day

August 1 is Emancipation Day.

On this day in 1834, the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 took effect, which laid a pathway to freeing enslaved people in British colonies across the globe and here in Canada.

Today, many Black, Indigenous, and workers of colour are still being denied full and safe participation in many institutions and organizations. Unions must be a part of removing any obstacles still in the way of Black, Indigenous and workers of colour and their many other intersections in workplaces, unions, and society. 

Emancipation Day is currently only recognized in Ontario, but to make this day a truly meaningful commemoration, the entire country needs to join in. This day also affirms our union’s collective demand for racial justice and, to paraphrase American political activist Angela Davis, enables us to no longer accept the things we cannot change, but change the things we cannot accept.

To mark this year’s Emancipation Day on Aug. 1, Unifor has created a new poster and fan available to order now.

The first 100 fans each local wishes to order are free. Please contact the workroom at @email for the cost of additional fans. Posters are free.

Both can be ordered here. The deadline for ordering is July 12, 2024.

You can also download the poster and shareable. We invite Unifor members to pledge their commitments to racial justice by sharing your photos and thoughts on social media with the hashtag #Unifor4RacialJustice.