Unifor members at Canteen Canada (Compass Group) ratify new agreement

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Unifor Local 414 members at Canteen Canada

Unifor Local 414 members at Canteen of Canada (Compass Group) ratified a new collective agreement that boosts wages, improves job security, and introduces a new Racial Justice Advocate position.

“In these increasingly difficult and uncertain times, we were focused on providing a more certain future for our members,” said Tony Falcone, Unifor Local 414 Vice President. “Thanks to our dedicated bargaining team, we delivered an agreement that strengthens union members’ job security provisions and clearly spells out work ownership.”

The four-year agreement covers approximately 60 Unifor Local 414 members, including vending machine workers, repair technicians, delivery drivers and warehousing workers at Canteen of Canada across the Greater Toronto Area.

The newly ratified contract improves the bargaining unit’s scope clause to ensure work is not shifted arbitrarily and that delivery route coverage is expanded and clearly defined.

Union members will also receive direct economic improvements including wage increases ranging from 13% to 26% over the life of the agreement depending on their classification.

“What’s important is that we’ve raised the wage floor substantially for union members,” said Darrell Tawse, Bargaining Committee member and route driver with Canteen of Canada. “Workers and their families can count on these wage increases and the stability that the improved job security provisions will bring.”

The agreement also introduces a Racial Justice Advocate position to support Black, Indigenous and racialized workers.