Unifor fights for respect for Skilled Trades at Robinson Solutions Maintenance

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Five men with their fists raised in the air, standing in front of a large Unifor Local 222 red sign with a blue wall in behind them.

The Robinson Solutions Maintenance unit from Unifor Local 222 in Oshawa, Ont. ratified a new agreement Feb. 28 at 84%, ensuring that members from Skilled and Semi-Skilled Trades get the respect they deserve.

“We made sure that our Skilled Trades workers had an hourly wage that reflected the global competitiveness of the skilled trades market,” said Local 222 President Jeff Gray. “These skilled workers deserve to be paid what they are worth. We are very proud that the goal was achieved. As the expression says, skilled labour isn’t cheap and cheap labour isn’t skilled.”

Approximately 60 members make up this unit, performing Skilled Trades and Semi-Skilled Trades in the GM Oshawa complex.

Gray said the biggest gain was a 4.81% first year raise with a 5% market adjustment for year one, making the overall wage reflection of 9.81% upon ratification.

The three-year deal begins March 1, 2023, and expires March 1, 2026.

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