Unifor air traffic specialists (FSS) begin bargaining with Nav Canada

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ATSAC bargaining committee standing with Lana Payne.

The Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada (ATSAC), who are members of Unifor Local 2245, opened bargaining with Nav Canada this week in Toronto.

“During the past three difficult years, the members of the Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada, Local 2245, continued to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the safety of the flying public across this country,” said ATSAC President Elizabeth O’Hurley.

“With the opening of bargaining this week in Toronto, we are hopeful this continued level of effort and professionalism will be appropriately recognized to the satisfaction of our membership.”

The current collective agreement will expire on April 30, 2023.

ATSAC represents approximately 600 Flight Service Specialists who work at 54 Airport Advisory Stations, five Flight Information Centres, one International Flight Service Station, providing services at 37 Remote Airport Advisory Services, en-route services over 18 million square kilometers of Canadian and North Atlantic airspace and work at various regional and national head offices throughout Canada.

Air traffic Specialists provide traffic information, vehicle control weather observations, pre-flight weather briefings after interpreting charts, reports and satellite imagery, assist with flight plan filing and provide information to help pilots to safely land and take-off from uncontrolled airports. 

They also stay in contact with pilots during their flights, communicate safety updates, provide weather observations reports to Environment Canada forecasters for their predictions and trigger search and rescue activities for missing or overdue aircraft.