Rail Line Volume 10, Issue 5

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CN Bargaining Committees Respond to CN Communiqué

Dear Members,

This communication is to address the statement CN made after we broke off talks. We’ve also prepared a flyer to set the record straight.

Frankly speaking, CN’s communication is an attempt to prevent our bargaining units from gaining a strong strike mandate, and divide members. The Employer understands with a strong strike mandate the Union is in a better position when we return to the bargaining table in March.

What’s insulting is that the Employer thinks it can spread misinformation while trying to spin its whopping pile of concessions and sub par monetary package as a positive to members who know better.

The Company’s concessions include, but are not limited to; accrued vacation entitlements, removal of the consent to early retirement (age 55), a flex benefit plan that in many cases does not expand on benefit coverage and will see members have to pay out of their own pocket for certain benefits, such as dental. Additionally, the Company has a demand for Council 4000 members to forfeit their January 2nd general holiday. At this point, the Company has not confirmed if they will continue with their contributions to Unifor’s Paid Education Fund, which is used to educate and train our members and local leadership in dealing with various workplace issues in the interests of our rank and file membership.

Your continued solidarity and support is what drives us day in day out, when pushing back the Employers concessions. It is crucial that we get a strong mandate from the members.

To date your Bargaining Committees have met with the Employer more than 5 times for a week each time. Every time we have met your committees have faced either concessions or insulting monetary proposals from the Employer.

Last week, the Employer opened bargaining discussions by threatening the Bargaining Committees into submission. We refused. Unifor rail workers are not so easily intimidated.

The Employer announced, “We will be tabling a global economic offer later in the day and if you choose not to accept it, we will be communicating with our employees, your members!”

We asked CN if this was their final offer, to which they responded, “There is not much wiggle room for more.”

We know our membership won’t be fooled by the Employer’s dirty communiqué tactic, but we feel we must set the record straight. Click here to read our response.

Contact your Local Representative to confirm the location as to where you can submit your Strike Ballot

In solidarity,

Local 100 and Council 4000 Bargaining Committees

Media Contact

Hamid Osman

National Communications Representative