Locked out OLG Unifor members: ready to work, ready to negotiate

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October 11: Tentative agreement reached. Click here for details. http://unifor.org/en/whats-new/press-room/unifor-reaches-tentative-deal-olg

October 2: Locked out OLG workers & their supporters shut down Woodbine Racetrack

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September 26: Rally in support of locked out OLG workers draws hundreds to Woodbine Racetrack

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Unifor members working at Sudbury, Woodbine and Brantford have been locked out by the OLG since 12:01 AM on September 19th.

As part of OLG’s ‘modernization plan’, which has been backed by the Ontario government, the retirement security of over 1000 Unifor members is at risk. Because of privatization, OLG workers are no longer eligible for their current pension plan. The OLG has stated that future operators will have to provide a pension plan, but refuses to negotiate the terms of this new plan.

Future financial stability for these dedicated workers has been thrown out the window.

Our organization was built to do things differently and respond to the changing modern workforce. But modernization cannot be done on the backs of workers. The OLG wants to cut costs to make more money on the sale, and they’re doing it by gutting employee contracts.

These workers contribute significantly to their current pension plan through deductions on every paycheque. They are ready and willing to contribute in a new plan, but want a say in what that plan looks like.

If the terms of the replacement pension plan are not bargained, workers will have no say in the type of plan (DB or DC), the retirement benefit provided by the plan, how much money will be deducted from their paycheques or whether the employer will match our contributions.

Unifor believes strongly that our members deserve a say in their future. The OLG needs to respect workers and return to the table.