February 29 Marks the 21st Annual Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day


February 14, 2020

International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day is a critical opportunity for us to mobilize for better health and safety regulation, enforcement and to focus even more on protecting workers from devastating, life-altering injuries.

Every year hundreds of Unifor members across the country suffer injuries or discomfort from repetitive strains resulting from their work duties. It is important to identify and eliminate the causes of these injuries. If those causes cannot be eliminated then we must work to minimize the risk factors because work should not hurt.

Historically, health and safety has not received the attention it deserves. Our union is working hard to change that. From local union surveys to sector-specific health and safety manuals, we prioritize health and safety for all Unifor members.

People are often unaware of how their daily duties might affect their body, because pain can be pervasive and normalize over time. Early symptoms of RSI may include soreness, tingling or discomfort in the neck, arms, wrists, fingers or shoulders. Often these symptoms appear after or during a repetitive task, such as while sitting at your desk, operating machinery, or moving in the same motion repetitively. Over time, repetitive actions can cause injury and disrupt daily life – making it more challenging to perform once simple tasks.

Member feedback about their experiences in the workplace is essential to bargain effective health and safety provisions. If you have experienced repetitive strain injury/injuries or other afflictions due to work activities, please complete this brief, anonymous survey.

Hearing from you about what needs to change in your workplace equips your union with the information we need to legitimately demand much-needed changes from the employer.

With rapidly changing industries, health and safety regulation has not always kept up with the pace of change in certain sectors of the economy, leaving workers at risk of injury. This is unacceptable - workers should never be expected to put up with unsafe or less than optimal work conditions. As union activists and health and safety advocates, Unifor members are on the front lines of pushing for better, safer work environments.

Help us put an end to workplace injury:

Join the conversation:

  • Join a FREE webinar presented by Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. (OHCOW). Register by Tuesday, February 25 to reserve your spot or secure your web link to stream from home. This year’s theme is “What is a Worker’s Life Worth?”
  • Come to the FREE RSI Awareness Day Conference in Toronto. Register by Monday, February 24 to reserve your spot
  • Learn more about RSI day and download a free poster from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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