Health & Safety for Provincial Worker - AHSP1


This 1-day program is for Unifor health and safety representatives and all those who want to help reduce and eliminate the toll of occupational injury and disease on the worker. Through small group discussions, case studies, body mapping, video presentation, role play, and other activities, participants draw from their own experiences and recent lessons from Unifor campaigns for insight into proven health and safety principles and best practices.

Participants are asked to critically examine the risks and responsibilities of workers and employers, the various approaches to hazard control, and the idea of “worker carelessness”. This program gives participants practical, useful advice on how to make the most of joint union-management health and safety committee meetings, what to demand of minutes and agendas, how to get best results from workplace inspections, what to look for in a job safety analysis, why talking to the members is so important, how to take up a worker’s complaint, why we must defend the right to refuse hazardous work, and more.


Program Duration
1 day
Program Type
Area School