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U.S. tariffs announced in March 2018 are poised to kill more than 1,500 Canadian jobs.
Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union has disaffiliated from the CLC in order to take a stand on defending workers’ rights.
The long term care sector in Ontario is at a crisis point.
Employers cannot be allowed to walk away from pension promises made to workers and retirees!
Bill C-49 proposes to require all railway operators install and utilize Locomotive Voice and Video Recorders.
Winning a universal pharmacare is the unfinished business of our national healthcare system.
Modern labour laws for today's workplace.
Canada and the United States still do not have a signed Softwood Lumber Agreement...
Unifor believes trade should benefit all Canadians and their communities - and not just corporations.
Unifor Canadian Council will be held from August 17-19, 2017, at the Halifax Convention Centre, 1650 Argyle Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia.