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Stop Ontario Transit Privatization

The Ontario Government is trying to force municipalities to use public money to privatize our transit systems.

Here’s how:

Ontario’s municipalities are forbidden from operating at a deficit, meaning that with the loss of income and the high expenses of the pandemic, many of our local services already are at risk.

The Safe Restart Agreement Funding is a mix of federal and provincial money, split between general municipal funding, and transit-specific funding.

Before they receive this funding, municipalities must do a review of transit routes, with the specific purpose of cutting services and replaces ‘low performing’ routes with private contractors like taxis or gig-workers like Uber and Lyft.

This privatization will replace safe, often green transit with private vehicles and drivers who work without access to the minimum labour standards or fair wages. 

Now is not the time to re-evaluate entire transit systems.

It is never the time to take public money and put it into corporate profits.

Take action today. Use the form below to be connected with your MPP’s office, where you can tell them that this policy must be reversed at the provincial level.

Ontario’s workers need all levels of government to unite in a fair, public economic recovery. It’s time for Ontario’s conservatives to get on board and build back better.