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Pandemic Pay for Unifor Health Care Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the systemic problems that health care workers have faced for years. The industry has relied on part-time and casual staff, with many “working short,” meaning patients and residents do not get the care they need or deserve.

In April, after Unifor was the first union to lobby the Government of Ontario, a pandemic pay premium was announced for front-line workers in health care, social services and corrections.

After the provincial government made their first announcement on the pandemic pay, we recognized that many workers were excluded. We immediately send two follow-up letters to the Premier and members to contact their MPP’s directly to ensure all health care workers were eligible for the pandemic pay premium. 

Though we have seen the eligibility expanded for the pandemic pay since April because of our efforts last week, the government issued another expanded list and sadly, there were obvious eligibility gaps in the hospital sector.

Our COVID Heroes need your help.

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