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Anti-scab legislation now!

Anti-scab law now

Unifor calls on all elected officials at the provincial, territorial and federal level to enact anti-scab legislation, in accordance with a set of basic principles based, in part, in existing legislation in Quebec, BC, and international jurisdictions. This anti-scab legislation should:

  • Prohibit employers from using replacement workers for the duration of any legal strike or lockout, specifically banning the use of any employee or contracted workers to perform the duties of a bargaining unit employee;
  • Prohibit employers from using both external scabs (those hired specifically to replace striking or locked out bargaining unit members), as well as internal scabs (new hires, members of the bargaining unit who might otherwise cross the picket line, or any other employees at any of the employer’s establishments, including managers);
  • Include significant financial penalties for employers who defy the anti-scab legislation, to be calculated on a per day basis for the duration of the period of non-compliance; and
  • Allow for the very limited use of temporary workers, only to undertake essential maintenance work to protect the integrity and safety of the workplace, but not to contribute to the ongoing, normal operation of the workplace.