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May 23 - 5:00 PM EDT
“We would be opening up the union to a whole new group of workers who we can’t reach right now,” Gaétan Ménard, CEP’s secretary treasurer...
May 23 - 3:30 PM EDT
But the most interesting element of the proposed deal would see the new union aggressively move to sign up members among groups...
May 23 - 2:30 PM EDT
Following four days of meetings last week in Toronto the Proposal Committee reached consensus on a plan that establishes a “robust regional presence”
May 9 - 11:45 AM EDT
The joint Proposal Committee is hosting a series of regional meetings to seek input from invited representatives of CEP and CAW locals.
March 14 - 2:45 PM EDT
Labour experts stressed that corporate power and anti-worker governments are driving the need for union renewal.
March 14 - 12:00 PM EDT
Two joint sites will be regularly updated as new information and multi-media materials become available.