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July 1 - 4:45 PM EDT
The two unions contemplating the biggest merger in Canadian labour history have moved significantly closer to reaching that goal.
June 11 - 4:45 PM EDT
"It's about engaging and providing the kind of necessary support for one another, recognizing we're all part of the 99 per cent."
May 29 - 4:45 PM EDT
Coles said the new union project gives the two organizations “a vehicle” to make the expanded membership happen and include those traditionally...
May 26 - 4:45 PM EDT
“The concept is to make accessible the union to those who may not ever have collective bargaining rights,” he told The Huffington Post.
May 23 - 5:00 PM EDT
“We would be opening up the union to a whole new group of workers who we can’t reach right now,” Gaétan Ménard, CEP’s secretary treasurer...
May 23 - 3:30 PM EDT
But the most interesting element of the proposed deal would see the new union aggressively move to sign up members among groups...


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