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News Content of Sector Telecommunications

September 22 - 3:30 PM EDT
Please fill out the survey today, on a personal phone or computer - not your company computer - and not during work hours.
August 28 - 2:00 PM EDT
Canada’s telecommunications workers build and maintain critical infrastructure for families and workers.
June 11 - 8:00 AM EDT
Unifor has crafted a Road Map for a Fair, Inclusive and Resilient Economic Recovery. We want to share this Road Map with members.
March 13 - 2:00 PM EDT
COVID-19: An important update to Unifor Locals about ongoing responses by the national union.
March 2 - 11:15 AM EST
At meetings in Ontario and Quebec, Bell employees greeted the new CEO’s welcome tour with a clear demand to stop outsourcing at the Canadian telecom..
February 6 - 12:45 PM EST
Several rallies will be held over the coming weeks as part of the Bell Real Talk campaign aimed at denouncing practices that have a harmful effect...
October 24 - 9:30 AM EDT
Following a recent shift in activism in Unifor Bell Canada and Bell-affiliated workplaces, members in Quebec take campaign planning to the members.
July 23 - 2:15 PM EDT
In a meeting on Sunday, July 21, 2019, members of Unifor Local 5011, working at Wirecomm Systems ratified a 5-year collective agreement with their...
July 11 - 8:00 AM EDT
When a new telecommunications project is announced in your hometown, it should be good news for workers.
May 26 - 7:30 PM EDT
Delegates at the 25th Annual Media Conference have a renewed urgency to continue to take action to keep journalists and media workers working.