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Making the Shift from Work to Retirement (4 day)

4 Days

A significant number of our members are at the stage in their life where they can see retirement but still have a number of working years yet to go.  

In this program we will:

  • look at issues faced by workers with seniority – from health and safety and ergonomic concerns to pension is-sues;
  • explore challenges of the “sandwich generation” such as caring for aging parents, children and grandchildren;
  • make the links between personal concerns and political campaigns (i.e. Unifor campaigns for stronger public pensions, pharmacare, universal childcare, improvements to medicare, and minimum patient-care-hours for retirement homes, nursing homes and in-home elder care);
  • assist members in planning now for ‘life after work’ – from financial planning for retirement, to promoting strategies for healthy living;
  • include hands-on activities for effective use of technology.

The course is aimed at involving Unifor members now – and in retirement – in various union campaigns, community groups, Unifor social justice projects and Unifor retiree chapters. An over-arching objective includes our need to strengthen dialogue between our more senior workers and the union.

Don’t see this course in your region?

For one-day and three-day courses, you can make a local union request by contacting the Education Department at or 416-718-8489. Please note that one-week courses only take place at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, ON.

For more courses in the Quebec region, please visit or contact the Education Department in Quebec at or 514-389-9223