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Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

1 Day

This is a course that all workplace and local union leadership should take as well as local union EFAP representatives and interested members.

The course introduces the issues and needs that Unifor EFAP programs address from alcohol and substance abuse to other issues where members or their families may need referral to professional counseling.

Participants discuss root causes, primary issues, and effects. They gain insight into the complex and progressive nature of addictions. The class identifies the principles (best practices), actions, and the resources we need to achieve recovery for co-workers and families who need our help.

The class tries out and discusses active listening strategies so essential to successful union programs. The class discusses what enabling is and the better choices.

Participants learn about the duty to accommodate as it applies to workers with dependency issues, the value of early intervention, and the rights and duties that apply to the employer, the union, and the individual worker.

Members find out what they can do to help build the program or become an EFAP representative. Participants hear AA's 12 step program and the 13 Affirmations of the New Life Acceptance Program of Women for Sobriety. The class ends the day by identifying the many things unions and peer support movements have in common.