Thanks to the hard work of Unifor members, the federal government is planning changes to Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) system. 

Unifor members spoke up and demanded action to fix an EI system that proved incapable of helping workers during a time of crisis. Members wrote and called the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, calling for changes to ensure EI is accessible when CERB runs out. 

The federal government recently announced that changes are coming to the EI system, but specific details aren’t yet available.

Workers cannot afford timid measures or to repeat past mistakes. EI must be fixed to work for all Canadians.

Unifor is calling for immediate changes that improve accessibility, eliminate unfair penalties, and raise benefit levels.  

These short-term reforms must also guide long-term, permanent improvements to EI in order to help workers for generations to come.

Listen to what workers have to say and use the tool below to call your Member of Parliament:


Canada's workers can't affor to wait. Fix Employment Insurance now! Make sure Emloyment Insurance helps Everyone. Let workers keep more of what they earn. Raise benefits to support all workers.


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