Unifor Health Care


The health care sector is one of the largest single membership categories in Unifor, with over 26,000 members.

Through national conferences and our dedicated Health Care Council, we have the expertise of front-line health care workers to guide our campaigns and advocacy. Our structure of creating strong amalgamated local unions ensures that bargaining units have the resources to participate in Unifor councils, conferences, conventions and education programs.

Our record as a leader in health care bargaining

Historically, Unifor has been the union to challenge the status quo in health care bargaining. We recognized that the best way to get a good deal for everyone involved was to avoid contract settlements through arbitration, and instead, work with employers to bargain a collective agreement. This meant that the health care workers themselves had the final say, and not a third-party arbitrator.

We set the standard in bargaining in the sector because we believe in standing up for a fair deal for our members.

That’s why Unifor collective agreements contain excellent provisions on things like benefits for employees who retire early, un-reduced part-time in lieu even if you are in the pension plan, parental and pregnancy leave top-up for 52 full weeks, and job posting language that puts seniority first.

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