Tips and Tricks for Taking Great Photos

We are looking for photos that highlight Unifor members and the incredible work they do, not just in their workplaces, but at community events, rallies and event picket lines. We want to see your faces!

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera.


  1. Go horizontal. Turn your phone sideways and get a picture that is wide, not tall.
  2. Get close. Don’t zoom, instead get physically closer to your subject and eliminate empty space (sky/ground) so we can get great high quality images of our members.
  3. Take more pics than you need and sort them later. Send us only the best ones (with everyone’s eyes open).
  4. Take a variety of photos from different angles, with different amounts of space around your subject(s) and with your subject(s) in different areas of the frame.


  1. Don’t zoom Smart phones use a digital zoom that degrades the quality of the photo. If you feel the need to zoom, move closer!
  2. Don’t send small files. If your email app asks you, send the original/large file. We need high-resolution photos.
  3. Don’t apply filters. Please don’t use iPhone’s Live Photo features or any other bells and whistles like filters or vignettes. Those features are nice but give us the #nofilter photo so we have the flexibility to edit as needed.