Summary Of Unifor Strike Assistance Rules

You are eligible for strike benefits if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. Members must be in good standing before a strike begins to be entitled to strike assistance, provided they meet the other qualifications (this means that a member must be in good standing the day before a strike commences).
  2. Probationary and new hires may become eligible for strike benefits only if they join the Union by paying the initiation fee and current months’ dues prior to the strike taking place. If workers signed a completed Application for Membership and a Union Check-off Card, which was forwarded to the company prior to the strike taking place, they would be considered a member in good standing and are entitled to strike assistance.
  3. Only members who are on the active payroll at the time strike began are entitled to strike benefits.
  4. You must participate in a strike activity assigned by your Local Union, including picket line duty and in addition may include: time spent on the community services committee, strike kitchen duty, educational classes, soliciting committee, lectures or other activities established by your Local Union.
  5. You must register and make application for strike benefits on the day assigned by your Local Union.
  6. You must pick up your strike pay cheque on the specific day and time assigned by your Local Union. NOTE: It is necessary to cooperate with your Local Union by registering for strike benefits on the day assigned. It is also important that you pick up your cheque on the day you are asked to be there.

You are not entitled to Strike benefits if:

  1. Your dues are not paid up-to-date the day before the strike commences or you have not signed an Application for Membership and a Union Check-off Card.
  2. You are on layoff prior to the strike.
  3. You are drawing Sickness and Accident, Long Term Disability, Workers’ Compensation, E.I. benefits or vacation pay.

Schedule Of Benefits

  1. A member shall accumulate strike pay beginning with the 1st day of the strike (for this purpose, Saturdays and Sundays shall be used when determining the strike pay week). For each work day missed due to the strike, a member shall receive one day’s strike pay, at the daily rate.
  2. Striking members receive $42.86 per day for each day they are on strike, commencing with the 1st day.
  3. The weekly strike pay is $300.00 per week, payable to the member on or after the 8th day.
  4. A Local Union must ensure that the Ottawa office has all current membership data and dues up-to- date. The Local’s Financial Secretary should contact the Ottawa Strike and Defence Fund department to confirm all relevant membership information is current and up- to-date.
  5. Your active participation in the strike duty assigned will entitle you to the following group insurance benefits: hospital care (as provided), drug, life, accidental and dismemberment premiums (not optional Life-AD & D, for which the member must pay the premium) and out-of-province paid for by the Unifor Strike and Defence Fund. These benefits will only be provided if they are part of your collective agreement.

If you have any questions regarding your dues payments, please see the Local Union Financial Secretary, immediately!

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