Paid Education Leave Names and Codes

Paid Education Leave

CODE Course Name Duration
PACIN Accident & Incident Investication

1 Week

PARB Arbitration for Leadership 1 Week
PAWOC1 Aboriginal / Workers of Colour Leadership (AWOC) - Week 1 1 Week
PAWOC2 Aboriginal / Workers of Colour Leadership (AWOC) - Week 2 1 Week
PCB Collective Bargaining 1 Week
PCBW Women in Collective Bargaining 1 Week
PCCOJ Climate Change and Our Jobs 1 Week

Conflict Resolution - Level 1

1 Week
PCW Canada & the World 1 Week
PDLT New DL Training (By Invie Only) 1 Week
PEBT Local Exeutive Board Training (LUEB) 1 Week
PEVC  Community Environment 1 Week
PEVW Environment Worklplace 1 Week
PFOUND Unifor Foundations 1 Week
PGHWL Grievance Handling Workplace Leadership 1 Week
PHI Harassment Investigation 1 Week
PHR Human Rights 1 Week
PHS Health & Safety 1 Week
PHSW Health & Safety for Women 1 Week
PMTS Making the Shift from Work to Rertirement 4 Days
PNST New Staff Training (By Invite Only) 1 Week
PRIDE Pride Activist 1 Week
PSTR Stress: The Workplace Hazard 1 Week
PTOXIC Toxic Substances in the Workplace 1 Week
PTSA Time Study - AUTO 1 Week
PTSG Time Study - ALL Sectors 1 Week
PTURTI Turtle Island: A first peoples awareness for Union activists and leaders 1 Week
PUCOM Union Communications 1 Week
PWA Women Activist 1 Week
PWL Women in Leadership 1 Week
PWPPA Women Power & Political Action 1 Week
PWRAP1 Workplace Referral Assistance Program (WRAP) - Level 1 1 Week
PWRAP2 Workplace Referral Assistance Program (WRAP) - Level 2 1 Week
PWSIB Introduction to WSIB: Compensation for Ontario Workers 1 Week
PWSIBA Unifor WSIB Appeals 1 Week
PWSIBM Unifor WSIB Medical Orientation 1 Week
PWSIBR Unifor WSIB Return to Work & Duty to Accommodate 1 Week
PYWA Young Worker Activist 1 Week