Establishment of a Racial Justice Advocate and Anti-Racism Action Plan - Sample Language


Article XX.X

Establishment of a Racial Justice Advocate and Anti-Racism Action Plan
X.1 In recognition of societal racism, the Parties agree to identify a Racial Justice Advocate at each facility covered by this agreement. 
X.2 A Racial Justice Advocate is an individual who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous or racialized community. 
X.3 The Unifor Local Union President is responsible for the selection of the facility Racial Justice Advocate with input of identifying Black, Indigenous and racialized union members. 
X.4 A Racial Justice Advocate is a workplace representative who will assist and provide confidential support for Black, Indigenous and racialized workers whose role in the workplace will include:
•    Listening; 
•    Tracking and reporting any incidences of racism and discrimination to management and relevant Union staff including Unifor National Human Rights Director.
•    Providing support to black, indigenous and racialized members including concerns related to racial discrimination and racial violence in the workplace;
•    Assisting with racial justice initiatives both inside and outside the workplace; 
•    Promoting access to community culturally appropriate services; 
•    Working with facility leadership to develop, implement and monitor an anti-racism action plan that is aligned with both Company and Union anti-racism and equity strategies; 
•    Networking with allied organizations and local community partners.
X.5 Should the Racial Justice Advocate require time off the job in order to fulfil their duties, the union, if in agreement, will submit a leave of absence request for approval by the human resources department and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. 
X.6 The Employer will provide access to a private office in order for the Advocate to meet with employees confidentially
X.7 The Employer will provide the Advocate with a management support person to assist them in their role.
X.8 The Employer and the Union will develop appropriate communications to inform all Black, Indigenous and racialized union members of the role of the Racial Justice Advocate and information on how to contact them.
X.9 The Advocate will participate in an initial training session and regular annual updated training to be delivered by the Union.
X.10 The Employer agrees to pay for lost time, travel time, registration costs, lodging, transportation, meals, and other reasonable expenses.