Labour Day 2021: Connect with Communities to Build Back Better

Monday, September 6
12am EDT
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Labour Day 2021 Connect with Commuities to #BuildBackBetter

In the past year, Unifor members and their local unions united for racial justice, gave support to Indigenous communities and residential school survivors, and continued to focus on the deep community engagement that the COVID-19 pandemic demands from every one of us.

For Labour Day 2021, let’s continue to grow our union’s community engagement, together.

Canada’s workers can help the country to Build Back Better, both by taking action in our communities and by engaging in the current federal election.

This Labour Day, Unifor is encouraging all local unions to get out and volunteer, donate and once again, develop bonds and in your communities.

That could mean diverting regular Labour Day funding towards your food bank, or showing up for a progressive candidate in the federal election. However you choose to engage, this Labour Day, workers can continue to push for Canada to Build Back Better, together. 

If your Local Union volunteers in the election, or engages in your community on or around Labour Day, then share photos with us by emailing @email, or sharing your photos online using the hashtag #Unifor and #UniforVotes.