CRB Emergency Phone Action

Wednesday, November 10
12:30pm - 1:30pm EST
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Extend CRB. Fix Employment Insurance

The Canada Recovery Benefit is set to expire on October 23rd. If the CRB is allowed to end it will be devastating for thousands of families across Canada, especially in areas of the country where COVID cases are dangerously high.

That’s why we must extend CRB and indeed restore the weekly benefits to at least $500 per week. We also need to fix Employment Insurance to be more accessible, adequate and inclusive.

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Who to call:

  • Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau: (613) 992-4211
  • Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland: (416) 928-1451
  • our own Member of Parliament

Suggested Script

I am calling because the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) is scheduled to end on October 23. If this benefit ends, hundreds of thousands of workers across Canada will be left with nothing. This shock will be devastating for workers and their families and destabilize the whole economy.

As you know, the economy has not fully recovered and in some areas of the country, COVID is still spiking. Ending benefits before all sectors have fully reopened punishes workers for circumstances beyond their control. I am calling on you to restore the minimum weekly benefit rate of $500 per week and to extend benefits until the pandemic is officially declared to be over by the World Health Organization.

I am also urging you to support meaningful changes to Employment Insurance, such as restoring the $500 floor for weekly benefits; reducing the required number of hours to either 12 weeks of employment or 360 hours; making all EI benefits available for at least a year; and eliminating unfair rules that punish workers for leaving abusive or hazardous jobs or who are fired by employers who abuse their power.

My phone number is:     and my mailing address is:          . I would like a response as soon as possible. Thank you!