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Unifor statement on the International Day to End Impunity on Crimes Against Journalists

November 2 marks the day to end impunity for crimes committed against journalists. Only one in 10 crimes against journalists is investigated worldwide. This has to change.

Between 2012 and 2021, there were 224 recorded cases of complete impunity for journalists murdered and of those, 185 of those took place in 12 countries. Mexico, Somalia, Syria, India and Afghanistan were the worst offenders.

Unifor Media Director tells Bill C-11 Senate hearing to save local news

OTTAWA –At a Senate hearing today, Unifor Media Director Randy Kitt testified that Bill C-11 – otherwise known as the Online Streaming Act – is missing one caveat: to save local news.

“This is a top of mind issue,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “While tech platforms continue to profit – whether it’s displaying news stories without paying their fair share for them or limiting Canadian content – it impacts our media workers, who tirelessly report fact-based, accurate stories to the public.”  

Unifor flags safety concerns after Sunwing’s intention to hire temporary foreign pilots

TORONTO –Unifor is concerned about Sunwing’s plan to use Canada’s temporary foreign worker program to hire pilots from countries with less rigorous training requirements, raising concerns about safety. 

“Sunwing will essentially be able to use the TFWP to hire pilots who do not meet the company’s own training requirements. The company is able to do this under the guise of professing there is a labour shortage, when the real issue is investing in training for local pilots,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President.   

Letter of solidarity to OSBCU

Laura Walton, President of OSBCU

Sister Laura Walton,

Re: Right to Strike in Ontario

We write on behalf of Unifor’s 163,000 members in Ontario, in full support of CUPE education workers in your bargaining demands and in your right to strike.

Workers must have a say in our own working conditions, and Unifor unequivocally condemns today’s unprecedented attempt by the provincial government to curtail that right for members of CUPE.

Unifor rallies outside Manitoba legislature for fair wages and better working conditions for health care workers

Community and health care activists rallied outside of the Manitoba legislature on October 28, 2022 to launch the union’s “Respect Us. Protect Us. Pay Us.” campaign to improve the working conditions and wages of Association for Community Living (ACL) workers.

“Low provincial funding results in low wages. It’s not surprising that many staff are leaving to take better paying jobs that don’t have the kind of hours and stress related to community care,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director.

Media Council spotlights anti-bullying and harassment for journalists

Death threats. Toxic workplaces. Being followed home. Doxxing.

These are some on-the-job abuses journalists face routinely.

Unifor’s Media Council took place Oct. 28 to 30 at the Unifor Family Education Centre in Port Elgin, Ont. The focus was on harassment – online and in the field – and its impact on media workers and the supports the union are developing, such as the helpishere website.

Unifor Local 6006 ratify deal with Commercial Bakeries Corp.

Workers at Unifor Local 6006 won a number of significant gains with a new three-year contract with Commercial Bakeries Corp. in Toronto.

“Congratulations to the bargaining committee for negotiating a strong deal for Local 6006 members,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “The biggest challenge was the difference in priorities between the committee and the company. The strength and solidarity of the union is what made it possible for workers’ needs to be addressed.”

Aramark workers ratify new three-year deal

Wages, an RRSP match program and improved benefits were among the gains in the latest contract from food services company, Aramark Canada Ltd., which was ratified by Unifor members on Oct. 22, 2022.

“Congratulations to the bargaining committee for negotiating the best deal for their members,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “The bargaining committee fought for our members tooth-and-nail down to the wire and were able to avoid a strike.”

Newspapers need to be exempt from EPR Initiative

The Honourable Danielle Smith
Premier of Alberta

Dear Premier Smith,

Subject: Supporting Strong News and Print Industries in Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba

I write to you today on a matter relating to the media and news print industries. Unifor is Canada’s largest private sector union representing 315,000 members across Canada, working in 20 economic sectors. In the media, our union represents more than 12,000 workers, including more than 6,000 members in the news and print industries.

Unifor Local 306-O ratifies new collective agreement with Covia

PETERBOROUGH—Job security and wage increases are key gains in a new collective agreement ratified today by Unifor Local 306-O members at Covia Canada Limited.

“As the Nephton mine’s closure approaches, it is a priority to ensure there are no negative consequences for Unifor members,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “The new agreement is a terrific example of what can be done with long-term planning and respect for workers.”

Scathing report reveals Co-op Refinery managers acted illegally

REGINA—A Labour Relations Board ruling says evidence showing Co-op Refinery acted in bad faith was “too voluminous to spell out in detail”.

“Nobody is surprised by this ruling. Time and again during the lock-out the Co-op management acted without integrity and in bad faith,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President.

Unifor begins bargaining with CN in Montreal

MONTREAL—Unifor opened bargaining for a new collective agreement with CN this morning in Montreal.

“The fact is that during a time of record inflation CN is reporting record quarterly earnings,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “Without our members at the helm, this company wouldn’t have been able to get even close to that, and they deserve to be compensated fairly and treated with respect.”

Autoport workers ratify collective agreement

Workers at the Autoport vehicle processing and transshipment facility, located in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia voted in favour to ratify a new two-year collective agreement.

“The bargaining committee dealt with difficult issues at the table this round, but with the support and solidarity of our members, we were successful in achieving an agreement that respects and values our members,” said Scot Spike, President of the Autoport unit Lodge 1 at Unifor Local 100. 

The bargaining committee was successful in achieving many improvements including:

Rail line Volume 9, Issue 15

Autoport Members Ratify Collective Agreement

Dear Members,

After eight long months of negotiations, your Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement on October 7, 2022. This past weekend we held our ratification vote, and we are pleased to announce the new two-year collective agreement has been ratified.

The Bargaining Committee was successful in achieving many improvements including:

Auto parts workers adopt new bargaining agenda for contract talks

Unifor local leaders from across the auto parts industry gathered in London to hold the sector’s second-ever joint bargaining strategy conference and adopt a common set of goals at the bargaining table.

“Bargaining as a united auto parts sector is crucial,” Lana Payne, Unifor National President, told conference delegates. “We have to push employers to stay in Canada, build in Canada and grow good union jobs.”

Rothsay-Darling ratifies new four-year agreement

Congratulations to the bargaining team of Unifor Local 39-X on the ratification of a four-year agreement with Rothsay-Darling, after a round of tough negotiations. The new contract – hard fought for by the union – will enhance the 92-member unit’s wages and benefits and includes language that improves the day-to-day operation of the workplace moving forward. The members work at the Rothsay-Darling plant in Moorefield, Ont., which provides rendering, recycling and recovery solutions to Canada’s food industry. 

Association for Community Living workers reject contract offer

WINNIPEG—The Manitoba government’s refusal to fund a living wage at the Association for Community Living (ACL) has resulted in Unifor Local 468 members rejecting the employer’s latest contract offer.

“During the pandemic the Stefanson government was quick to call health care workers heroes, but at the bargaining table its totally different tone,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “Offering health care workers one dollar above minimum wage will not cut it. Health care workers deserve a living wage.”

Rail line Volume 9, Issue 14

Unifor/CP Bargaining Update

Dear Members,

On September 14, 2022, Unifor and CP opened contract negotiations. At the opening of contract talks your bargaining committee made it clear to the employer that its heavy-handed disciplinary actions must immediately stop and our members are expecting improvements in wages and benefits.

Sunwing needs to hire qualified and trained permanent pilots within Canada

Unifor says Sunwing Airlines has not done enough to fill open positions by intending to hire permanent pilots who would be covered by the union’s collective agreement, instead opting to use temporary foreign workers. Read our letters to the company and the Canadian government asking them to stop this practice.

Unifor's letter to Len Corrado Président, Sunwing Airlines Inc.

Len Corrado
President, Sunwing Airlines Inc.
Re: Sunwing Application to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Dear Mr. Corrado,

Lock-out ends for the Unifor members working at the Ash Grove cement plant

October 7, 2022

JOLIETTE, QUE. – Gathered last night – October 6, 2022 – at a special meeting, the members of Unifor Local 177 voted in favour of the conciliator’s recommendation, ending the 16-month lock-out.

“We’re proud of the determination of our members who stood strong and never gave up. Thanks to their tenacity, this conflict came to a favourable conclusion. It’s now time to heal the wounds and get back to a normal life,” said Daniel Cloutier, Unifor-Québec Director.