Young workers are concerned about their future and ready to take action

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Young workers met for an informal Zoom gathering on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.

From across Canada, a dozen members 35 years-old and younger met for an informal Zoom gathering on Sunday, Oct. 3. 2021.

Despite it being a relaxed event, the tone got serious as members opened up about the issues they are facing as young workers.   

Work-life balance, high cost of child care, systemic barriers, employment equity and pension were just a few of the issues that were brought up.

Roxanne Dubois, Unifor National Young Workers Liaison, highlighted the importance of fighting for better working conditions for everyone – unionized or not. Reminding the group “we need to raise the bar for everyone.”

As young workers look to get more active within the union, members are hoping to see more mentorship. Tanika Chaisson from Local 707a shared she wants to be equipped and ready to run for an executive position at her local one day.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could come together as senior and junior people to collaborate and learn from each other,” said Chaisson.

Matthew Nurse of Local 1285 explained he makes it a priority to attend union meetings for those in his workplace who are not able to, to ensure relevant information is being shared.

“Together we have a louder voice to address issues,” Nurse went on to say. 

There will be a series of virtual events leading up to the World Day for Decent Work on October 7 that is open to all members, including a webinar on October 6.

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