World Day for Decent Work


Unifor is one of a growing number of organizations across the globe taking action around the World Day for Decent Work, October 7.  The World Day for Decent Work is an initiative of global labour federations such as the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and IndustriALL to bring together autonomous and democratic trade unions to stand up for decent work, on the same day, right around the globe.  

According to the ITUC, only seven per cent of workers around the world, including formal and informal employment, belong to a union. Yet, many more want the security and protection that belonging to a union provides. A central theme of the World Day for Decent work is organizing – mobilizing existing members and reaching out to those who are not yet part of a union.

The Good Jobs Summit, which took place on October 3-5 in Toronto, brought together both union members and non-union workers, students, policy makers, government officials and business leaders. The Summit was timed the weekend just before the World Day for Decent Work. The Summit drew attention to the troubled jobs market and discussed solutions to precarious jobs – including an end to unpaid internships, community benefits agreements attached to local development, targeted strategies for populations confronting challenges in employment equity and several other possible solutions.

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