Workers at Toyota's auto assembly plants in Cambridge and Woodstock want a greater say in how they work.


Unifor, the union, is signing workers at both sites to union cards, an organizing drive geared to bettering the working conditions at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Corp.

"The auto sector is very important to Canada's economy and autoworkers (union and non union alike) play a pivotal role in this success. Too many time, though autoworkers are either expected to shoulder an unfair burden or not receive their fair share when times are good," said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

"We need to unite and ensure the gains we have made in the auto sector such as our working conditions and benefits are are respected and adhered to. Unifor is committed to all of you."

The union has heard loud and clear that workers need a greater say in issues such as wages, health and safety standards, pensions and contract workers, to name a few.

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