We’re trying to unionize at Toyota!



I’m writing with some exciting news: this morning Unifor applied to be the union representing workers at Toyota’s three Canadian assembly plants – in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario.  The campaign was started more than a year ago by Toyota workers who want to make improvements in their workplace and it has really taken off since then.

This is the first major organizing drive for our union, which could mean more than 6,000 new members – workers previously without a union. As Unifor, we strive to be a union for everyone. We’re committed to ensuring safer workplaces, secure employment, wages and benefits that provide a decent standard of living, dignity and respect. Fundamentally, this means helping more workers join a union – including now at Toyota.

Since Unifor formed this past Labour Day weekend, our union has dedicated many resources toward this campaign and supporting the inside committee at Toyota.  If we are successful, this would a significant win for Unifor – unionizing the workforce of a large and long-time anti-union employer. The vote will likely be held starting early next week, so we’re in for a very exciting time.   

If you live or work near Cambridge or Woodstock, please consider coming out to help distribute materials. Get in touch with our organizing department at: @email. If you know people who work at Toyota, you can help by reaching out to talk about the advantages of being in a union. 

If you don’t live in the region, but still want to help, there are lots of ways you can contribute: 

  1. Share items from our special campaign site, including a video that will go up on Wednesday.
  2. Stop by and like our facebook page and post a comment.
  3. If you’re on Twitter, include @UniforToyota and retweet content from that account.

For more information or updates on the campaign, you can also sign up at: www.unifortoyota.ca.  

Thanks for your support for this important campaign.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
National President