Unifor's 20th Quebec Council: a call for solidarity for temporary foreign workers

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Montreal vibrated to the rhythm of solidarity and mobilization at Unifor's bi-annual Quebec Council, held April 24 to 26, With a focus on issues faced by temporary foreign workers, the event was marked by fiery speeches, fruitful exchanges and a shared determination to defend the rights of those who are often in a vulnerable position.

National Secretary-Treasurer Len Poirier's address highlighted the importance of Quebec solidarity, specifically praising the remarkable support given to the Autoport strikers in Nova Scotia. “On behalf of myself and Lana, I'd like to thank Quebec. Collectively, you always support each other, and your solidarity is always visible,” said Poirier, underscoring the very essence of this Council.

Quebec Director Daniel Cloutier delivered a passionate and rousing report, praising the initiative to place temporary foreign workers at the heart of the discussions. “We owe it to ourselves to be fair to all human beings. I applaud the elected leaders of the Quebec Council for making the rights of temporary foreign workers the central theme of this Council," he declared.

During the Council, Unifor research and legal representatives shared their knowledge in hard-hitting presentations. However, it was during the workshops on the second day that the true essence of solidarity was revealed. Members were invited to openly discuss the challenges, successes and apprehensions surrounding the arrival and defense of temporary foreign workers in their workplaces. These frank and constructive discussions laid the foundations for future concerted action.

Of particular note was the creation and presentation of the 1st Prix de la francisation Lucie Pratte” awarded to Lucie Pratte for her commitment and fight for the respect of the French language in Quebec​, an initiative applauded by all participants.

In a world where borders are blurring and workers are often crossing oceans to reach new professional horizons, it is imperative to guarantee fair and safe working conditions for all. Unifor's Quebec Council was a real call to action, reminding each and every one of our collective responsibilities to defend the rights of those who contribute to weaving the wealth of our society.

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