Unifor statement of support for families seeking justice for missing and murdered women in Winnipeg

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Unifor supports the calls by families of missing women Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran for police and municipal professionals to thoroughly search the Brady Road landfill for their remains. Police believe the bodies of the two women were deposited there by their killer last year.

Unifor also supports extending the search at the landfill to include Tanya Nepinak, whose remains were suspected to have been taken there in 2011.

The union representing the municipal staff at Brady Road have already provided a letter of support to families and state unequivocally that their members are prepared to assist in a safe search of the site.

Premier Heather Stefanson’s refusal to work with families of the missing women to find a solution is disconcerting and ill-founded. Unifor calls on the premier to do the right thing and listen to the experts who have suggested a search can be conducted under the right conditions.

In the name of truth and reconciliation, Unifor stands united with the Winnipeg families seeking justice and closure.

Media Contact

Ian Boyko

National Communications Representative - Western Region