Unifor standing up for Rights at Work

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Rights at work

Canada’s largest union in the private sector is holding meetings across the country over the coming weeks to prepare for a nationwide campaign to defend the rights of Canadians in the workplace.

“Unifor is standing up for the rights of Canadians to provide for their families in safe and stable workplaces,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias, who will be attending all of the meetings. “Unionized or not, we believe that’s what all Canadian workers want.”

The meetings – which begin in Windsor, Ontario, this coming Monday and finish in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on February 27 – are being held to discuss with local Unifor leaders threats posed to basic labour rights, and what they can do about it.

“Without unions and collective bargaining, it will be impossible for most Canadians to attain a decent, secure life,” Dias said. “The current attack by governments across Canada on our basic labour rights will fundamentally damage our quality of life – and that’s why we are determined to stop it.”

For a complete list of the meeting times and locations please click here There will be top national leaders at each of the meetings, as well as local and regional leaders, researchers and experts.

Media  are welcome at all the meetings to get a sneak peak at Unifor’s spring Rights at Work campaign and to talk to the union’s top leadership and research staff about these issues.

The Harper government’s Bill C525 would make it easier to decertify unions in the federal sector, on the basis of biased voting rules. In Ontario, Conservative Leader Tim Hudak wants to eliminate the Rand Formula, while Alberta’s Conservatives have made it illegal for some unions to even talk about striking.

The meetings will review such challenges, and how Unifor’s Rights at Work campaign will counter the attack.